Extinguisher, Portable Fire, Badger, 20 Lb, 6A-120-B:C


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Extinguisher, Portable Fire, Badger, 20 Lb, Multipurpose Type ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher,
Minimum Rating 6A-120B:C, Model No. 22682B
Industrial grade for home or business, Includes wall mounting bracket, PN WH20

Uses Heavy Duty Vehicle mounting bracket PN 15HBL (may not fit in 15HB or 20HB), must be ordered separately.


  • Multi-purpose dry chemical is suitable for trash, wood and paper, flammable liquids, and electrical equipment fires
  • Aluminum valve, handle, lever, and pull pin
  • Epoxy coated steel cylinders to resist corrosion, dents, and punctures
  • 90% M.A.P. (monoammonium phosphate)

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