Do responsible business owners maintain their fire protection and safety equipment because it’s the LAW ??

The Short Answer is NO.

A fire can hurt your employees and your business.

  • Downtime is costly and may result in lost customers.
  • Employees will leave unsafe work environments.
  • Insurance will only cover so much and if your fire extinguishers and other safety equipment is NOT properly maintained, your insurance company may deny or limit a claim.
  • A major fire will result in additional expense due to loss of equipment, clean up time, and possibly the loss of business records.

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Planning for the right protection is invaluable, but that’s only part of the job.

Your fire protection and safety equipment must be maintained properly so the equipment will function properly to prevent a major disaster AND your employees must be trained in the proper use of the equipment. Local, state, and federal fire protection ordinances require that businesses and other types of public organizations have regular inspections of their fire protection equipment by a licensed fire protection company AND that all employees receive annual training in the use of the equipment in accordance with the company’s Emergency Response Plan.

At Best Fire Equipment we provide a variety of services that can help you maintain your equipment in top working condition and ensure that your employees are properly trained in the correct use of the equipment and other work-related safety issues.

On-Site Fire Extinguisher Service

At our customer’s request, Best Fire Equipment will dispatch a state licensed technician annually, semi-annually, monthly, or even weekly, to inspect and/or service your fire extinguishers. The need for this depends on the equipment usage or the severity of the fire hazards within a facility. Our fully equipped service vehicles enable us to refill and repair most fire extinguishers at your location, thereby greatly reducing fire extinguisher downtime.

On-Site First Aid Equipment Service

Best Fire Equipment will provide regular visits (annually, semi-annually, monthly, or even weekly), to service your First Aid Equipment Cabinets or Kits. The frequency of this service is determined by usage within a facility. Our fully equipped service vehicles enable us to replenish your First Aid supplies at your location, thereby reducing the time your staff has to spend to ensure that you have adequate supplies.  We also ensure that your cabinets/kits are stocked in accordance with OSHA/ANSI standards, and with compliant first aid components.

Fire Extinguisher Loaner Service

If a fire extinguisher is due for maintenance that we cannot perform at your business, such as hydrotesting, we will replace it with one of our spare (loaner) extinguishers until yours is ready to be placed back in service.

Fire Extinguisher Rental Service

Are you having a Party? Remodeling or adding on, and need Additional Fire Extinguishers on a temporary basis? Best Fire rents fire extinguishers, any signage, and accessories that may be required by code, to provide temporary or additional fire protection for your special events or facility. See our Rental Rates Here.

Fire Hose Inspection Service

Our trained professionals can perform the required annual inspections and service on your fire hoses to ensure they are in safe operating condition. We can also perform the required tests to ensure that the hose(s) conform to fire codes, and will be fully operational in the event of a fire.

Facility Fire Protection Survey And Analysis

Not sure what protection you need. No problem. It’s better to be safe and have a professional help you determine what is needed. Best Fire’s fully trained specialists will determine your facility’s fire extinguisher requirements and provide you with a list of equipment needed to ensure the facility and fire equipment is in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal codes.

Budgetary Estimates for Future Planning

Once Best Fire Equipment has serviced a business or facility, we can provide our customers with budgetary estimates for service for one, two, or more years into the future.  This allows our customers to avoid “surprises” when large quantities of fire extinguishers are due for internal maintenance, hydrotesting, or even replacement.

Training Programs & Services

Federal and state regulations (OSHA 1910.157(g)(1)) require that employers who provide portable fire extinguishers in the workplace also provide training for their use. Used properly, portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out a small fire in the workplace or containing one until the fire department arrives.

It is essential that all employees be familiar with the proper use of portable extinguishers and know when and when not to use them. In the event of a fire, employees should respond in accordance with their company’s fire-emergency plan.

Best Fire Equipment offers a number of ways for you to ensure that your business and your employees have the proper safety training in a number of areas.

Hands-On Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Classes are conducted at the customer’s site for 25-30 students per class. Each class runs for approximately 1 hour. See our Training Page for more details.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Training Kits and Programs

Best Fire Equipment has partnered with The Marcom Group Ltd., a leading developer and supplier of Training and Regulatory Compliance Programs, to provide a variety of products ranging from training videos to complete Regulatory Compliance Kits on a wide variety of topics. Some of the areas covered are described below. There are approximately 120 individual programs available in English, Spanish, and other languages. If you have any questions regarding the courses or the sign up process, contact, or call Best Fire Equipment’s Sales Department at (510) 206-8506.

Regulatory (OSHA) Compliance Kits:

Regulatory Compliance has become an ongoing activity in virtually all types of environments. OSHA is actively citing facilities for not complying with their regulations, and many times issuing hefty fines as well. Insurance companies are also insisting that facilities implement compliance programs in order to keep their liability coverage in force. And employees have become very interested in anything affecting their health and safety.

The materials in the Regulatory Compliance Kits are comprehensive and easy to use, making them a very cost-effective approach to compliance. Some of the topics covered by the Compliance Kits are:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Forklift/Industrial Truck Safety
  • Emergency Planning
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
  • Confined Space Entry
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Personal Protective Equipment

For a complete list of Regulatory Compliance Programs, please view or download the Data Sheet below.
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Regulatory Compliance Programs

Compliance Manuals Include:
  • Background of the regulation
  • Forms and procedures
  • Major compliance requirements
  • A Glossary of Terms
  • A “fill-in-the blank” written Compliance Program
  • DVDs/Videos

The DVDs/Videos provide the information that OSHA requires be given to employees, and come with Leader’s Guides, Scheduling and Attendance Forms, Training Certificates and Quizzes.

Safety Meeting Kits™

“Safety Meeting Kits”™ provide all of the items needed to promote and conduct a complete safety meeting. Each “Safety Meeting Kit”™ includes a Videotape or DVD, 5 Posters and 30 Employee Booklets, all designed to work together. Kits also have reproducible Scheduling and Attendance Forms and employee Quizzes. The kits’ reasonable price makes them affordable for even a small facility or department. Let “Safety Meeting Kits”™ solve your safety and health training problems!

Here’s a partial list of the topics covered (many of these are available in Spanish also):
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • Accident Investigation
  • Computer Workstation Safety
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • First Aid
  • Heat Stress

For a complete list of Safety Meeting Programs, please view or download the Data Sheet below.
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Safety Meeting Kit Programs

Interactive CD-ROM Courseware

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is more important today than ever before. Yet at the same time, the challenges of conducting safety & health training and regulatory compliance activities are greater than they have ever been. Pulling groups of employees away from their jobs at the same time can be difficult. Many employees are “geographically dispersed”, and new employees are coming in the door all the time. Add the increasing requirements to document the “learning” process, and the training equation gets even more complex.

Interactive CD-ROM courses solve these problems! Employees can receive training On-Demand, any time, and at their own pace. The courses also increase information retention by directly involving employees in the learning process. They can ”See”, “Hear”, and “Touch” their training material.

Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, courses from the Interactive CD-ROM Training Library™ provide the most cost-effective safety and regulatory compliance training available today. With a Learning Management System (LMS) that installs automatically, and comprehensive user’s and trainer’s guides, each course is 30 to 45+ minutes long, depending on the topic. Courses are divided into a number of logical sections, each with its own quiz and test, so information is easily understood and retained. A partial list of courses in the library are listed below:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Hazardous Materials Labels
  • The OSHA Laboratory Standard
  • Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety
  • DOT HAZMAT Safety Training
  • Safety Audits
  • Accident Investigation
  • Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • Workplace Stress
  • Workplace Violence

Many of the courses are also available in Spanish or other languages. Contact us about specific titles.

For a complete list of Interactive CD-ROM Training Library Programs, please view or download the Data Sheet below.
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Interactive CD-ROM Training Library Programs