Extinguisher, Amerex, Type K (Kitchen) 6 Ltr.


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Amerex Wet Chemical Type K (Kitchen) 6 Liter Fire Extinguisher

  • 6 Liter capacity
  • Rating 2A:K
  • Required in commercial kitchens
  • Recommended for fires in deep fat / oil fryers


  • Superior quality – manufactured to exacting standards under ISO-9002, tested to ANSI/ UL standards
  • Attractive and durable – easy to use extension wand for greater safety
  • Bar-coded labels for documenting extinguisher locations, inspections, maintenance and recharging
  • Large, easy to read operating instructions
  • Factory tested and developed on commercial deep fat fryers using the same fire tests as UL 300 Pre-engineered Restaurant systems
  • Application wand keeps operator at safe distance from the fire
  • Low PH Wet Chemical agent discharges as a fine mist helping to cool the appliance and preventing reflash
  • UL class C rating assures safety when used around electrical appliances
  • Fine spray mist prevents splashing of grease
  • Extignuishing agent can be applied to the fire surface exclusively – no dry chemical "fall out" to clean up
  • Excellent for use on all cooking appliances including solid fuel charbroilers

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