Hands-On Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Are YOU ready to fight a fire?
Are your employees ready to fight a fire?

Have they EVER used a Fire Extinguisher?
Do they know WHICH one to use?

It’s too late for training when your building is on fire!

Federal and state regulations (OSHA 1910.157(g)(1)) require that employers who provide portable fire extinguishers in the workplace also provide training for their use.  Used properly, portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out a small fire in the workplace or containing one until the fire department arrives.

It is essential that all employees be familiar with the proper use of portable extinguishers and know when and when NOT to use them. In the event of a fire, employees should respond in accordance with their company’s fire emergency plan.

Best Fire Equipment can train YOU and your employees,
so you can answer YES to ALL of those questions!

Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training Classes are conducted at the customer’s site for up to 30 students per class.  Each class runs for approximately 1 hour, depending on the number of participants.  The following topics are covered:

Class Curriculum:

  • Instructor Introductions and Class Overview
  • Safety Procedures Orientation
  • The Fire Triangle and Fire Basics
  • Classes of Fires and Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Extinguisher Ratings and Selection
  • Fire Fighting Guidelines: The Three “A’s
  • Fire Extinguisher Operation: P.A.S.S.
  • Safety Procedures Review
  • Hands-On Individual Fire Fighting

Each student gets an opportunity to extinguish a fire under the expert supervision of Best Fire Equipment’s experienced instructors.

Best Fire Equipment provides 2 Instructors to conduct the class (1 instructor acts as a Safety Observer and runs the “Propane-powered Fire Tank”, which is also provided by Best Fire Equipment).

The class requires, on average, one 5 Lb multipurpose Type ABC fire extinguisher for every 3 students participating in the training or 8-10 extinguishers per class. Customers may use their own extinguishers for the training class.  After completion of the training, Best Fire Equipment service techs will refill/recharge the customer’s fire extinguishers and return them to service.  Alternatively, Best Fire Equipment can provide the extinguishers to be used for the training class.

Cost for the training class is $250.00 per hour (minimum $250.00), plus a charge for the “Fire Tank” and fuel.  The number of fire extinguishers actually used during the training determines additional costs.

Contact the Best Fire Equipment office for more details and pricing for your facility.

Don’t have the time or money to participate in a Hands-on Class?

Best Fire Equipment has partnered with a leading developer and supplier of Video Training and Regulatory Compliance Programs, to provide a variety of products ranging from Safety Training Videos for tail-gate meetings, to complete Regulatory Compliance Kits on a wide variety of topics. There are approximately 120 individual programs available in English, Spanish, and other languages.

To download a complete list of the available programs, click this link: All Video Training Programs

If you have any questions regarding any of the courses, contact