Extinguisher, Halotron Clean Agent, Amerex, 5 Lb, B386T


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Amerex Multipurpose, 5 Lb., Type ABC, Halotron Clean Agent Extinguisher, B386T
Rating 5-B:C

For home or business use. Includes vehicle/wall mounting bracket.
Ideal in computer and electronic equipment rooms or areas with sensitive equipment or decor where dry chemical agent residue would be detrimental or clean-up would pose an issue.

An environmentally safe replacement for Halon, HALOTRON 1™ FIRE EXTINGUISHERS contain a “clean agent” hydrochlorofluorocarbon discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid that leaves no residue. Pressurized with argon gas, and EPA approved as an HCFC blend agent, Halotron I extinguishes Class A and B fires and will not conduct electricity. Perfect for protecting computer rooms or anywhere expensive electronics reside.

Confined Space requirement: minimum 700 cubic feet

Models B386T, B397 and B398 are USCG approved with bracket listed on the UL label. Bracket must be ordered separately.

Ships via UPS Ground ONLY