Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Best Fire Equipment offers three (3) ways for employers to satisfy the OSHA 1910.157(g)(1) requirement 
for annual employee training on the use of fire extinguishers. 

On-Site Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Classes
The Hands-on Live-Fire Extinguisher Training provides the knowledge and instills the “I’ve Done THAT”confidence  in your employees that they CAN put a fire out with an extinguisher. That confidence cannot be attained by watching a video or a show-and-tell demo.

The Hands-on Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Classes are conducted On-Site at your facility OR at our Napa Service Center.

The On-site classes can accommodate 20-30 participants in each session, which typically run for about 1 hour. Best Fire Service Center – Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Classes This class will be held at our Napa Service Center and will typically be conducted on one Saturday a month, depending on demand and the weather.

Class size at our service center is limited to 10 participants per session. This will allow anyone that cannot justify Live-Fire training for all employees, to have someone on their staff fully trained to conduct their own in-house training sessions. (The class will be open to anyone who wishes to participate.)
The class may be used, in conjunction with our Video Training programs, as a Train-the-Trainer class.
The cost for this class will be $25.00 per person and all equipment is provided by Best Fire Equipment.

Video Safety and Regulatory Compliance Training Programs
We have also partnered with a leading supplier of Safety and Regulatory Compliance training programs. We can provide DVD Video Programs and Safety Meeting Kits (both include a complete Instructors guide, along with the video and other training material and handouts). Many of these programs are available in Spanish as well as English.  There are also CD-ROM based courses and On-Line “Pay-per-view” courses available on over 100 different topics.

For customers that already have a video safety training library, there is also a “trade-in” program.
Now, instead of throwing out all of those old videotapes in your training library, you can trade them in for new, Up-to-Date DVD programs. For every videotape that you return, from any producer, you can purchase any DVD from Best Fire Equipment’s Training Video library for 50% off the normal list price.

For more information on these options, please visit our website:

Services Page
Training Page

Video Previews are available on our website.
Please let me know if you would like to pursue any of these options for training your staff.

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