Month: May 2019

TIME to Change the Clocks and Smoke and CO Detector Batteries.

Happy Halloween everyone. Remember to set the clocks back to STANDARD Time this weekend and Check or Change the batteries in your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (if needed). With the Holiday season approaching, its a good time to be fi...

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Best Fire Celebrates Start of 35th Year in Business

Best Fire Celebrates Start of 35th Year in Business See the story here.

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Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Best Fire Equipment offers three (3) ways for employers to satisfy the OSHA 1910.157(g)(1) requirement  for annual employee training on the use of fire extinguishers.  On-Site Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Classes The Hands-on Live-Fire Ext...

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Performing a Monthly Inspection of Your Fire Extinguishers

How To Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers Monthly Inspection Know the locations of the fire extinguishers in your area and make sure they are in the designated place. Make sure the type of extinguisher is safe to use on fires likely to occur in the imme...

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Fire Extinguisher & Fire Safety Questions from the Web

The following questions were collected from our website visitors. Q: How often must fire extinguishers be tested and tagged? The California State Fire Marshal and most if not all AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction, i.e. county     or city...

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FIRE EXTINGUISHER SERVICES REQUIRED BY STATE AND LOCAL CODES IN CALIFORNIA(and most other jurisdictions, states, as well) Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service – Required Annually: Annual inspection of extinguishers shall include a check of at least...

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