Sign, NFPA Hazard Identification Diamond, 16 inch


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Sign, NFPA Hazard Identification Diamond – 16 inch square polystyrene
Designed to help meet hazcom/NFPA requirements, with color coding to indicate:
fire (red), health (blue), instability/reactivity (orange) and special hazards (white).

Black Number/Symbol kits available separately
Black 6 inch number/symbol kits (for 16" sign).

Kits include three each of numerals: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
and one each of symbols for Oxidizer, Use No Water, Corrosive and Radioactive.

Mininum size of numerals and symbols must be:
3" for legibility at 100'
6" for legibility at 300'

Check with your local AHH (authority having jurisdiction) to determine size of numerals and numbers/symbols for your facility.