FOAM-FAST Fire Hose Kit (NHT/NST Thread)


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FOAM-FAST Fire Hose Kit with NH (NST) Thread
Self-Contained system attaches easily to a standard fire hose with a minimum of 50 psi.
New deluxe pistol grip and 1/4 turn quick connect (QC) mixing tube & nozzle fittings.

FOAM-FAST Fire Hose Kit  includes:

  • Foam-Fast® Inline Mixing Chamber with 1/4 turn QC fitting
  • 30 gpm Aspirating Foam Nozzle with 1/4 turn QC fitting
  • D-Handle Pistol Grip Shutoff
  • 1 in. Female NH x 1.5 in. Male NH adapter
  • Three (3) 12 in. Solid Foam Cartridges (Up to 1/2 hour per cartridge)
  • Instruction Manual & DVD w/over 50 minutes of Educational Videos

Foam-Fast® is an easy-to-use, affordable, SOLID CARTRIDGE Class-A foam system which produces a quality foam for pre-treating roofs, brush, small trees and most Class-A fuels. Use for pre-treatment during the threat of wildfire or while performing other hazardous activities such as managing burn piles, mowing or weed trimming.  Foam-Fast makes water 3-5 times more effective at extinguishing fires by 'wetting' the water to make it penetrate better, evaporate slower and block the oxygen feeding a fire. 

The Foam-Fast® applicator is a revolutionary new way for anyone with a Fire hose to produce Class-A foamed water, suitable for protecting Class-A fuels. Simply place a foam cartridge in the applicator, attach the applicator to the hose, and your Foam-Fast® is ready to operate!

Recommended hose for use with the Foam-Fast Kit:
Fire Hose, 1 in. x 50 ft. ANHT SPEC 187 PLUS Treated Forestry

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