Fire Hose, Rack-n-Reel, 100 Ft., 1.5 in, NST BRASS CPLD


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Fire Hose, Rack and Reel, 100 Feet, 1.5 inch, NST, Brass Couplings
1.5 inch diameter, 100 Ft. lengths with NST brass couplings on each end.
Designed for use in pin racks, reels, hump racks, or cabinets.
100% polyester, single woven jacket. Lining is single ply urethane-thermoplastic.
Bowl 1-11/16 inches, Proof Test Pressure 500 PSI, Service Test Pressure 250 PSI, Burst Test Pressure 750 PSI.
Model TF-500.
NOTE: Recommended for industrial fire protection.