Extinguisher, Halotron Clean Agent, Amerex, 2.5 Lb, B385TS


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Amerex Multipurpose, Type ABC, Halotron Clean Agent Extinguisher, B385TS
Rating 2-B:C, Includes vehicle mounting bracket,

For home or business use.
Ideal in computer and electronic equipment rooms or areas with sensitive equipment or decor where dry chemical agent residue would be detrimental or clean-up would pose an issue.

An environmentally safe replacement for Halon, HALOTRON 1™ FIRE EXTINGUISHERS contain a “clean agent” hydrochlorofluorocarbon discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid that leaves no residue. Pressurized with argon gas, and EPA approved as an HCFC blend agent, Halotron I extinguishes Class A and B fires and will not conduct electricity. Perfect for protecting computer rooms or anywhere expensive electronics reside.

Confined Space requirement: minimum 350 cubic feet

Models B385TS, B386, and B397 are USCG approved with bracket listed on the UL label.

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