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This “Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety” Video is a Refresher Program which gives employees the information they need to refresh their knowledge of OSHA regulations, as cost effectively as possible.

The program reviews highlights of the OSHA regulation and reminds employees of the importance of compliance.  All of OSHA's recent regulations not only call for employees to receive initial training, but require that employees knowledge be "refreshed", through retraining, on at least an annual basis.

Since the detailed information that is required by the regulations has normally been given to employees during their initial training, retraining sessions can usually focus on reminding employees that they should be paying attention to the regulation in question and heightening their "awareness" about how the regulation affects their jobs.

Areas covered in the program include general information about the safety or health issue the regulation addresses, the basics of the regulation itself, major compliance requirements, safe work practices, personal protective equipment, and more.

The sample employee booklet features 16 pages of text, illustrations and a quiz.
Employee Booklets and Posters may be ordered separately.

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2 Minute Preview

Materials in the program package include:

DVD program (19 minutes) Training Log
Instructor's Guide w/Program Binder Scheduling and Attendance forms
Employee Quiz  1 Sample Employee Booklet
Training Certificate