Retardant, Fire, Flame Stop® I, 1 gal.

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Flame Stop®1 Fire Retardant, 1 gallon bottle

Flame Stop® I is a universal fire retardant that works on most interior porous cellulotic materials.
Its surfactants allow it to penetrate and become part of the wood structure, providing maximum wear and durability.

Flame Stop® I may be used on any absorptive interior surface by either dipping or spraying the material to be treated
with low-pressure equipment. The surfactants included in the formulation allow as much as 3/8" penetration into a
Douglas fir stud. It can be used as effective flame retardant on framing, decorative woods, fabrics, wallpaper,
and other cellulotic products.

Finish: dries clear
Coverage: 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon
Application Methods: spraying, immersing, brushing, or rolling
Cure Time: 48 hours on wood.  Once cured for 48 hours, the treated material may be painted with most latex based paints.

Storage Range: 45 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit (7 – 43 Celsius)
Shelf Life: Three years if kept within storage range.
Do not wet wash.  Do not dilute.
Manufacturers Data Sheet provided with each order.

Flame Stop I is a water-based, post-treatment interior fire retardant that penetrates the material and bonds with the cellular structure. The penetrant protects the substrate by developing a self-extinguishing reaction when the treated material comes in contact with an open flame. When applied correctly to certain natural and synthetic fabrics, the material shall have a class A rating. On porous woods such as pine or Douglas fir, the material shall have a class B rating. Flame Stop I was formulated with the user in mind because it is non-toxic, non-combustible, non-carcinogenic, easy to apply, and contains no PDBEs.

Flame Stop I protects the following materials: draperies, furniture, cotton, decorative fabrics, paper, polyester, curtains, cardboard, Douglas fir, and many others.

Materials must be evaluated for compatibility prior to application. The versatility of Flame Stop I makes it suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools and commercial buildings, as well as personal residences.

Flame Stop I is a Class A, one-coat system on specific fabrics and Class B on Douglas fir with a flame spread of 35 and smoke developed of 15 according to independent third-party test reports.

Since Flame Stop I penetrates and forms a molecular bond with the substrate, the life of the fire retardation shall be indefinite for most interior applications. Treated fabrics may not be wet washed, but can be dry cleaned up to 15 times before reapplication is necessary.

Flame Stop I will not alter the structural integrity of the substrate or deteriorate because of its ability to penetrate.
Numerous individuals and businesses choose this flame retardant because it is user friendly, dries clear, and can be easily applied by spraying, immersing, brushing, or rolling.

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